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The Y is all about making a difference.

We are a family here and want the community to know it. We’re more than a fitness center, we’re the YMCA. We want to promote honesty, caring, respect and responsibility.

We think everyone deserves to have access to healthy living. That’s why we provide a scholarship program. Everyone is welcome and we want to make that happen. If you need financial assistance come and fill out our scholarship application. We’ll work with you to lower membership fees and program costs.

See the difference

Jessie and her two sons, Jack and Sam, moved to Lafayette this past year to be closer to family in Indianapolis. They have always been a part of their YMCA in Idaho and ours seemed like a great fit for all three of them. We offered an Open Door Scholarship Program that would allow a membership to fit into her single income budget. Four months ago, Jessie came into to the YMCA distraught. Having no one close by to turn to, we were her shoulder to cry on and we listened as she unfolded the events of a bad day. She was very appreciative of the support and compassion she found at the Y and expressed interest in giving back to the YMCA in any way she could. She is now our newest Group Fitness Instructor, currently teaching Yoga.

Your donations change lives

Being a Y member means that you are making a difference. You are giving back to the Lafayette community and helping support our mission and goals. No matter how small your donation, this wouldn’t be possible without you.
You can invest in a child who is just learning to swim, shoot basketball or make new friends in YMCA youth programs. Your investment will yield a child who is a little safer, a little wiser and having a lot more fun!

You can give a teen the opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills and build relationships through values-based YMCA teen programs.
You can allow families to have peace of mind by giving them access to the safe, family-oriented YMCA where people of all ages can relax, play and connect.

By contributing to the YMCA Annual Campaign, you are making a difference in lives of your community members. If you are interested in donating, please contact Stacy Lods at stacy@lafayettefamilyymca.org or visit our welcome desk for more information.