YMCA Membership: Member get a member

This is Y.

perfect-fitness1Belonging to the Y makes you feel great, but sharing is even better. Did you know that now, through the end of February, if you refer a friend and they join the Y, you get 1 MONTH FREE? Plus, your friend only pays $1 for the joining fee.

We’re calling it, Member get a Member.

Simply bring in your friend, have them sign some paperwork with the front desk, and introduce them to everything that’s great about the Y.


With a YMCA membership you get some pretty incredible benefits:

  •       Access to both our 18th Street and Downtown locations
  •       FREE group exercise classes
  •       FREE equipment orientation and fitness assessment
  •       FREE Childwatch while you work out
  •       DISCOUNTED rates for swim lessons, childcare, and youth sports
  •       Priority program registration
  •       Pool access at the 18th Street location

It’s Better Together

We can all agree that it’s much easier to find the motivation to work out when we have an accountability partner. Plus, it’s much more fun to work out with a friend.

On top of that, there are proven benefits in finding a friend to work out with you- providing support, motivation, inspiration, and a camaraderie in staying active and fit together.

  • Dogroup-fitness-jumpn’t just set goals. Meet your goals. Having a workout buddy gives you a support system, and the needed encouragement to keep going. It’s someone next to you saying ‘yes’, even when you may be feeling ‘no’. It’s an encouraging text or phone call that motivates you to not just meet your goals, but set new ones.
  • Be bold. Try something new. It’s easier to do something new with a friend- curious about a new class? New equipment? Attending a Y event? Find a friend and try it out together. You’re more likely to attend and try new things when there’s someone else beside you.
  • Show your competitive side. Your partner is there to motivate and encourage you, but also push you to be the very best you can be. Don’t be afraid to get competitive- you’ll find yourself enjoying longer workouts, lifting more weight, and overall performing better.
  • You’re committed. It’s one thing to talk yourself out of your own work out. It’s a completely different thing to bail on your workout partner. We don’t want to let them down and will make a much higher effort to make it to our workouts if we know someone will be waiting for us. It’s worth the coordination of busy schedules because there’s a much higher rate of following through when a partner is involved.
  • Add variety to your workout. You and your workout buddy are two different people that have different likes, perspectives, and preferences when it comes to working out. This is great because you will add variety to your workouts as you work with each other to develop workouts that include both preferences.


So what are you waiting for? Bring in your friend and show them what being a Y Member is all about. Be a Member, Get a Member (and a great workout partner!)

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