Workout Etiquette: 7 Simple Gym Rules to Keep in Mind

Young Adults Lifting Weights at the Gym

Here at the Y, we pride ourselves on our clean facilities and friendly environment. We aim to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and provides resources for all your fitness needs. Our members come from various backgrounds and all walks of life, yet every day we are constantly impressed with the caring, opening, and respectful manner you demonstrate to us every day.

Our members have some of the best gym etiquette we’ve seen. However we know that some gym ‘social norms’ can be confusing at times, especially if you are new to our facility. We’d like to provide you with seven simple steps that will ensure that you receiving the best experience possible.

fitness-stock-P1. Don’t hog the equipment.

Especially during peak hours, our facilities can get pretty crowded. If you’re not using a machine, keep in mind that everyone has busy schedules and is also there to get a great workout in. As a general rule of thumb, cardio machines should be used for roughly 30 minutes at a time if it’s busy and others are waiting for a machine.

2. Be mindful to not rush others.

Everyone deserves the proper amount of time to complete their workout. Please be courteous to your fellow Y members and allow everyone a chance to get the physical activity they need. Rushing through exercises can also lead to injuries, so make sure you let everyone complete their exercises in a slow, controlled manner.

3. Sweat it out.

We want you to have a great workout and that usually means some sweat is involved. It’s okay! After you are finished with a machine, make sure you take the time to wipe down the equipment. Our facilities provide towels and disinfectant spray for your convenience. This not only helps maintain the equipment, but keeps it safe and sanitized.

4. Clean up after yourself.

Just as you would in your own home, it is important to put equipment back where it came from once you are done using it. This allows the same equipment to be used by other people after you. It also saves people time from searching our facilities looking for what they need. In addition, stray weights or mats can be walking hazards and could make people trip and fall. For the safety of others, put equipment away as soon as you are done using it.

5. Don’t make phone calls.

Talking on the phone when there are others around can be distracting. We want to make sure everyone has the chance to get into their “workout zone” without constant distractions. Please feel free to bring your phone with you while working out with us, but unless it’s an emergency we ask that you limit the use of it to text messages or music.

women-3-exercisefun6. Wear appropriate clothing.

Great workout clothes can make you feel confident and help you have the best workout possible. We suggest everyone wear a sturdy pair of athletic shoes, gym shorts, and a cotton t-shirt when they come to the Y.

7. Help people out.

If you are a new member to the Y, we welcome you and hope you don’t feel like a newcomer for long! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Any of our staff or team members would be happy to assist you. If someone looks like they are struggling or confused, please be patient and don’t hesitate to help them out.


Keep these seven steps in mind, and have a fantastic workout. Happy Workout!


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