Youth Sports: Why Your Child Should Be Out Playing

why your child should be out playing ymca youth sports
“Go outside and play!” It seems like more and more parents are having trouble tearing their children away from the television or computer and getting them to go outside to play. One great way to get kids active is to involve them in youth sports. Unfortunately, according to a study by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, the participation percentage of youth sports has declined by up to 5.9% in some age groups. At the Y, we’re committed to fighting childhood obesity and encouraging the value of teamwork through the promotion of youth sports. See all the reasons why your child should be out there playing!

Why should children play sports?

We don’t recommend the same exercise techniques for children as we do for adults. Some weight training techniques could be harmful to children, which is why we believe youth sports are a great way for children to stay healthy and active!

Sports are a great way to exercise and increase motor function.

Being inactive is especially unhealthy for a child who is still growing. Sports also grant children a chance to improve their balance and hand-eye coordination. Sports like baseball and basketball are especially effective for improving dexterity.

Sports offer kids an opportunity to socialize.

For kids, making new friends isn’t easy. Adults can take that for granted since they possess more social skills and the ability to get in the car and go to a social event whenever they want. Many times, a child’s only chance to make new friends is at school. Sports offer children a sense of comradery that they can bond over and use to make friends more easily. As research suggests, friendships and socialization are imperative to a child’s development.

Sports teach children the value of teamwork.

A child’s ability to work in a team environment is an important part of growing up. A majority of adults in the workforce have to use the same team-building skills that they learned when they were children. For that reason, team youth sports are an excellent way for children to learn how to work together. Children that learn teamwork are far more likely to succeed in school and later on after they graduate.

Sports are a responsible way for kids to use their time.

We firmly believe that children that play sports are less likely to get themselves into trouble. It’s true that playing sports is a big time commitment, especially as kids get older. However, the time children devote to sports undoubtedly prevents them from participating in unhealthy or questionable activities.

How do I get my child involved in sports?

All around the country, you can find a variety of youth sports for your child that range from common to almost unheard of. Your children’s school probably offers team sports throughout the year, and here at the Lafayette Family Y, we offer several why your child should be out playing YMCA youth sportsYouth Sports programs, including soccer, swimming, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, dodgeball, and t-ball.

Perhaps the most important reason to sign up your child for sports is that they’ll have fun! Every child is different but a vast majority of kids love to play sports. Youth sports are a great way to keep your child active and healthy. Without them, your child’s development could suffer. Be sure to register your child for our Youth Sports programs today!

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why your child should be out playing YMCA youth sports

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