Weight Loss and Change is Possible

Change is Possible

Mark Before and AfterMark didn’t like what he saw when he looked in the mirror. He was overweight, working crazy hours, but knew he wanted to see a change. His membership at the Y allowed him to make that goal a reality. He has since lost over 100 pounds and is taking time to reach out and help others reach their health goals and get their life back under control.

He graciously sat down with us for an interview to share his story with the Y Family, to help motivate and inspire others to believe that change is possible.

Read below to hear his story about getting healthy and staying fit:

Can you give us some background about yourself?

“I am 46 and drive a semi-truck for a living which is a very sedentary job. Plus, I work on average 64.5 hours a week. This made my waist expand over the years. The truck-stop fast food offerings and my sitting around did not help my health.”

Why did you join YMCA?

“When I was ready to get fit, I went around town and visited the various gyms. Although many offer some of the same things, the Y was the most welcoming to me as an overweight newcomer. This coupled with no contract had me sold.“

What kept you motivated and working out at the YMCA?

“Results. As I worked out, I quickly was able to do more and weigh less. People around me then started to notice. I was also able to tell at the doctor’s office. My blood pressure has gone from 250/155 and a pulse of 77 to 111/74 with a pulse of 54. It’s not only looking better, it’s feeling better. Not being embarrassed to go out. Fitting in a restaurant booth. Energy to do whatever I want. You can’t put a price on the satisfaction I feel.”

How has the YMCA helped you?

“The people who work at the YMCA have always been positive to me even when I was very large. No one judged me and everyone was very helpful in getting me going on how the equipment worked. Plus, the Y seems to attract members that are helpful and encouraging. So, the whole experience is one of positive reinforcement. Now many of these people have become my friends making it an even more welcoming place to be.”

What advice would you share with others?

“Consistent effort equals results. You must workout regularly and put in way more effort than you are used to if you want transform yourself. To make a large change takes a large effort. Also, excuses don’t get you results. I regularly work 13+ hour days and make it to the Y 5 or 6 times a week. That’s what it takes to take it off.”


Mark has a great story to share and we are so happy he was able to find success here at the YMCA.

He wants to share his story to help others continue to find motivation in their health goals. He can be found on his blog, Facebook, and Twitter.


Facebook: Ending Obesity Forever  (https://www.facebook.com/MarkDRumps)

Twitter: @CptMark1 (https://twitter.com/CptMark1)


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