Snacking in the Sun: 5 Ways to Eat Healthy This Summer

Eat Healthy | YMCA

Summertime and sunshine are finally on the horizon! However, with summer comes the temptation to eat popsicles, hot dogs, and all kinds of unhealthy snacks. Here at the Lafayette Family YMCA, we understand how difficult it can be to fight this, and so we would like to offer you the option of considering healthier, more rewarding snacks to eat healthy this summer. While we promise that it will pay off in the long run, we also guarantee that these snacks are just as exciting and delicious as popsicles and hot dogs!

Black Bean Hummus

Hummus lovers and bean lovers alike, this one’s for you! Try some black bean hummus this summer. You can dip pita or veggies into it, and still get your protein and your fiber (if you choose to use veggies for dipping) in your diet. This is a great way to eat lightly and still feel somewhat full, and it’s perfect for those summer days of lying under the fan or the vent and watching television.

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Almond-Heavy Trail Mix

Eat Healthy | YMCAAlmonds are delicious and great for your metabolism. If you’re on the go, then trail mix may be a great option for you. This trail mix, unfortunately, isn’t sprinkled with candy, but nuts and granola can be a wonderful treat too!  Trail mix can revive and reenergize you on those long days jam-packed with tiring physical activity. Take this mix with you as you hit the trail this summer!

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Frozen Yogurt Bites

Eat Healthy | YMCAFor ice cream lovers who want ice cream but are trying to be healthy, frozen yogurt bites can be a great alternative. They’re cold, sweet, and packed with flavor. It’s almost like eating little ice cream bites!  These yogurt bites will cool you down and satisfy your sunshine-provoked ice cream cravings.  You can add anything you’d like to them, like nuts and fruit, as well. Did we mention that they’re delicious?

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Natural Fruit Smoothies

The great thing about making smoothies at home is that you can control how much sugar goes into them. A lot of the time, when smoothies are ordered from restaurants and stores, there is plenty of artificial flavoring and sugar, and those things aren’t always the greatest for your health. This is why it is so great to be able to make natural fruit smoothies at home, with real fruit. Throw in some bananas, strawberries, blueberries, or even some peanut butter and get prepare yourself for the best treat your taste buds will ever experience. Get your blenders ready!

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Avocado and Egg Sandwich

Eat Healthy | YMCAAvocados are green, gooey, and scrumptious, and they’re finally in season again! Add this to the usual eggs and toast dish and make this deliciously healthy dish for yourself this summer. Avocados will cool down this hot meal on those summer days that feel like they’re going to give you serious sunburn from the heat alone. Reap the benefits of eggs and avocados, and enjoy how absolutely tasty this heavenly combination is in the process.

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We truly promise that it can actually be enjoyable to eat healthy and light this summer. Not only is healthy snacking better for your health, but you’ll just feel better overall as well. While you’re enjoying those countless hours basking in the sun, don’t forget to grab your new, favorite summer snacks and bring them along on your summertime adventures!


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