Safety Around Water: Five Reasons Your Kids Should Learn to Swim

Kids are fascinated by water, especially in the summer. But, do your kids know how to stay safe around water? Here are five reasons your kids should learn to swim.

1. Safety

Lafayette Family YMCA | Reasons Your Kids Should Learn To Swi

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, two thirds of fatal drownings happen between May and August. Additional statistics from the World Health Organization cite drowning as the third leading cause of unintentional injury death. Tragedies occur every day and taking preventative steps to keep your children safe during the summer months is important.  

Swim classes are a great way to make sure your child is learning life-saving, swim skills. According to the CDC, swim lessons have actually been shown to reduce the risk of drowning by 88% in one to four year olds. Making sure your child will be safe around water is as easy as enrolling them in swim lessons.


2. Build Relationships

Lafayette Family YMCA | Reasons Your Kids Should Learn To Swi

There isn’t a parent out there who wants to see their child excluded. Knowing how to swim opens the door to an endless amount of fun, social opportunities for your child. From pretending to be mermaids and Marco Polo games to handstand contests and water basketball, there are so many games and activities that require basic swim skills and an understanding of water safety.  

In Lafayette, Indiana, you can swim at local pools, nearby lakes and rivers, on competitive teams, and at the Lafayette Family YMCA. Swim lessons will prepare your kids to say “yes” confidently the next time their friends call out, “Race you to the buoy and back!” or they receive an invite to spend the day boating.

3. Exercise

Lafayette Family YMCA | Reasons Your Kids Should Learn To Swi

Whether it be leisurely swimming laps or joining a competitive sports team, exercise is another great reason your kids should learn to swim. Swimming is a fun, low impact way to build muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance. Ensuring your kids have all the swim skills they need to get a full body workout will make it that much easier for them to stay active.

Swim team, water polo, diving, sailing, canoeing, water volleyball, and triathlons are just a few sports that involve swimming. In the local Lafayette, Indiana area, there are great swim teams your child can get involved in such as West Lafayette Swim & Dive.

4. Confidence

Lafayette Family YMCA | Reasons Your Kids Should Learn To Swi

When kids learn a new skill, it gives them a sense of accomplishment and boosts their self esteem. It is important for kids to know that they can do anything they set their mind to. Learning how to swim is one way to teach kids that they can overcome any obstacle with a little bit of practice. Confidence from learning how to swim can translate to other aspects of a child’s life down the road. Every child loves to have fun and make their parents proud!  

5. Lifelong Skills

Lafayette Family YMCA | Reasons Your Kids Should Learn To Swi

Having swim skills and understanding how to be safe around water is something that will stay with your kids for a lifetime. Investing in your child’s swim education with swim lessons will open the door to many years of exercise and social opportunities. Just like riding a bike, your child will never forget how to swim.

Swim Class Options

With all of these reasons your kids should learn to swim, enrolling them in swim lessons is the best way to teach them safety and give yourself peace of mind. The Lafayette Family YMCA provides a number of swim options for all age and experience levels.

  • Swim Lessons – Swimmers from six months of age to adult can learn important swim skills in a safe learning environment. Learn more about parent/child classes, pre-school swimming, youth swimming, and teen/adult lessons on our site.
  • Swim Programs – The Y-Waves swim program is designed to allow children ages eight to 18 to continue to improve their swimming skills and technique. The YMCA also offers a Project Starfish program that is created for mentally or physically challenged swimmers ages three to 21.
  • Lafayette Family YMCA Scheumann’s Safety Around Water 3rd Grade Initiative – This program is free for third graders in Lafayette, Indiana. During the program, trained instructors initiate open discussions about water safety topics and teach kids lifesaving swim skills and techniques to prepare them for threatening water situation.  


Giving your child the gift of knowing how to swim at an early age is something they will definitely thank you for. With summer in full swing, there is no better time than now for kids in Lafayette, Indiana to learn how to be safe around water.