The New Lafayette YMCA Facility Is Underway!

The New Lafayette YMCA Facility Is Underway | Lafayette Family YMCA | Lafayette Indiana Fitness | New YMCA | Ivy Tech YMCA |

The groundbreaking ceremony for our new facility on April 4 was the first step towards an exciting new improvement in the Lafayette, Indiana community. Several community leaders attended our groundbreaking in an amazing display of teamwork, synergy, and community. The new Lafayette YMCA will have many amazing, state-of-the-art features that will help us better serve the community!

Why is a new YMCA facility being built?

We’re proud to have called the 18th Street Location home since 1969, but it’s definitely time for an upgrade! The new facility is going to be about so much more than just our organization; it will be a Lafayette hub for health, education, and social responsibility. Several of the area’s influential organizations—such as Ivy Tech, Junior Achievement, and Franciscan Health—will be involved or have their own wings at the new facility to make this possible!

What is Intersection Connection?

The New Lafayette YMCA Facility Is Underway | Lafayette Family YMCA | Lafayette Indiana Fitness | New YMCA | Ivy Tech YMCA |

Intersection Connection is a collaborative group of organizations in Tippecanoe County who are helping us make the new facility possible. Through Intersection Connection, the following groups have all played a role, and will continue to play a role, at the new Lafayette YMCA: Franciscan Health, Indiana University Health, Ivy Tech Community College, Junior Achievement, Lafayette Family YMCA, and North Central Health Services.

How will the new Y facility benefit the Greater Lafayette community?

The purpose of the new facility is to better serve our core mission: youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Since the new facility is being built on the campus of Ivy Tech, we’re going to offer more opportunities for community members of all ages!

At our groundbreaking, our CEO Paul Cramer added, “More important than the bricks and mortar is the community spirit that will prevail. The facility will be a positive place. It will be welcoming. It will be encouraging, community-minded, and forward thinking.”

What features will the new facility have?

The New Lafayette YMCA Facility Is Underway | Lafayette Family YMCA | Lafayette Indiana Fitness | New YMCA | Ivy Tech YMCA |

Our new facility will be about 85,000 square feet, double the size of the 18th Street Location! The new facility will include many of the great features of the old facility, plus several great, new features including:

  • Basketball courts
  • Exercise facilities
  • A running track
  • Two pools
  • Group fitness rooms
  • A childcare center
  • A Chapel
  • A learning kitchen
  • A family center
  • Outdoor soccer fields
  • A sports medicine facility
  • An educational business park

All of these great new features will allow us to add to and expand all of our wonderful programs. To top it all off, the new pool will have a giant water slide!

When will the new Lafayette YMCA be finished?

The new facility is scheduled to be completed in fall of 2018. In the meantime, all of our programs will continue as scheduled at the 18th Street Location and the Downtown Fitness Center. The 18th Street Location will close its doors after the new facility is completed, but the Downtown Center and all the other Y programs will continue to operate!


As completion of the new Lafayette Family YMCA comes closer, we couldn’t be more excited for our community! The new facility has been a complete collaborative effort from community leaders and it’s going to have a significant, positive impact on our city. As YMCA Board President Mike Stapleton puts it, “We gathered partners, and we planted the seeds. We’ve nourished those seeds and soon, several organizations are going to come together in a single facility and the community is going to harvest the wonderful rewards.”


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