Important Swim Skills Your Family Should Know


There are so many great benefits to swimming! It’s fun, relaxing, and a great way to exercise, but do you know the most important swim skills? Being safe in the water is crucial to your family’s health and wellness. It’s important for kids and adults alike to know how to:

1. Get In and Get Out

It may be tempting to just perform a huge cannonball to get into the water, but it’s important to learn the proper way to enter and exit. Sitting and easing into the water is a safe way to enter, especially for new swimmers who do not have the confidence to be too far away from an exit point. This will help ensure the safety of the swimmer and those around them.

It is also important that a swimmer is able to exit the water independently. Swimmers should always be aware of available exits so that they are prepared to get out when they are ready. Safely climbing a ladder out of the water or using the proper techniques at a ledge are important swim skills your family should learn in swim lessons. Be sure to know the proper enter and exit techniques before you start splashing around!

swim-skills-lafayette-family-ymca2. Go Underwater

Taking the plunge can be pretty scary for some swimmers, but being able to properly go underwater is an essential skill to know. Swimming lessons will provide you with the opportunity to learn  important swim skills like how to control breathing underwater. Being able to regulate your breathing and not swallow water when going underwater is an important lesson all swimmers should learn as an essential survival skill. Learning the proper breathing techniques for underwater swimming can help swimmers stay underwater longer and gain confidence in their swimming abilities.

swim-skills-lafayette-indiana3. Tread Water

While life jackets are a great tool for beginning swimmers, it is also important that they learn how to keep their heads above water on their own. Learning deep water survival skills are important for anybody, and treading water is a great place to start. Building strength in the muscles that keep you above water is essential for safety while swimming and will help you build confidence in your ability to swim independently.

4. Float

Floating is another method that keeps a swimmer breathing comfortably and above water. This may seem pretty straightforward, but it is one of the most important swim skills your family should know. Think about it…What if you’re tired or unable to swim to the nearest exit? For beginning swimmers, floating is a fall back safety method to help them easily stay above water and remain in control. Having a fail-safe method to stay above water helps swimmers feel more comfortable while enjoying a swim. Learning to properly use your body to float above water, while seemingly simple, is an essential skill that can save your life.

5. Forward Swim

Forward swimming is also a crucial skill used to better your ability to safely enjoy the water. While the other important swim skills help keep you above water and breathing, forward swimming will be the final step in getting you to your destination or out of the water safely. Though it may seem like an easy task, it is important to remember that there is a lot of learning involved in safely moving through the water independently. Swimming lessons will help teach you important swimming skills that will keep you moving without tiring yourself out too fast.


Becoming a good, knowledgeable swimmer takes time and effort. Swim classes can help swimmers of all ages tackle the necessary obstacles needed to be water ready!  We encourage you to have fun and splash around all while learning how to keep safe in the water!

important-swim-skills-lafayette-indiana-ymcaTake Swimming Lessons at the Y!

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