Great Ways to Come to The Gym Together as a Family

Workout as a Family | YMCA

Going to the gym as a family is a great way to build relationships, have fun, and stay healthy! Your local YMCA is the perfect place to bring your family for a workout and some bonding time. In this post, we’ll discuss activities and workouts you can all do at the gym. We’ll also provide tips on how to make your family’s experience at the gym a great one. After all, the family that gyms together, stays together!


  • Basketball: Play a game together in the gym! Whether you scrimmage or just play HORSE, it’ll keep everyone moving and having fun. You can even play pickup games with other families if they happen to be using the gym at the same time.
  • Circuit training: In a gym or empty classroom, set up a station for each family member with activities such as jumping rope, squats, sit-ups, and calf-raises. Set a timer for one minute, and then rotate so that everyone gets a turn at each station.
  • Workout as a Family | YMCASwimming: Bring some water toys and noodles and you’re ready to go! Family pool time is great because it’s relaxing, and it helps you exercise muscles that you don’t normally use. Check out our schedule to find “Open Swim” times!
  • Classes: The Y has something for everyone. You can all go to a class together (just ask ahead and make sure kids are welcome!), or you can split into groups: Parents go to a class, teens to cardio machines, and younger children to our daycare. Check out our full list of classes and childcare options!
  • Racquetball: Our 18th Street location has racquetball courts that anyone can use! This is a really fun game for older kids, and it’s easy to learn the rules. If you have children under the age of 5, you may consider having them go to daycare or doing an alternative activity.

Tips for Exercising as a Family

  • Workout as a Family | YMCAConsult your family physician first to make sure everyone is healthy enough to exercise. If you have really young children, or you or your spouse have a condition that limits physical exercise, consider a calmer activity such as swimming or walking together.
  • Bring water bottles for each family member! It’s important to stay hydrated so that your muscles stay loose, your body temperature is regulated, and nutrients can flow through your body to deliver energy.
  • Try to limit your workout to an hour, especially with young kids. Throughout your session or activity, ask the kids how they feel to make sure they’re not overdoing it. If they’re too tired or sore to continue, stop early. You’ll have time for a family workout on another day, and this way, you’ll avoid an injury!
  • Have a few snacks on hand in case any kids (or you!) get hungry. This will not only help you feel fuller, but you’ll also regain energy. Bananas, granola bars, and pretzels are a few light, healthy snacks that will give you a boost.
  • Plan breaks so that everyone gets a chance to catch their breath and recover. During this time, you can stretch, drink more water, or have a healthy snack.
  • Reward yourselves! After your gym outing, enjoy a healthy treat like frozen yogurt or fruit popsicles. While you don’t have to treat yourself after every workout, this could be a great way to show your kids that everything is okay in moderation, especially if you choose healthier options such as frozen yogurt over ice cream.

With our two YMCA locations in Lafayette, we have everything you need for the whole family to come enjoy the gym! From open swim to classes to daycare, we’re sure that a day at the YMCA with your family is a day well-spent.


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