Five Reasons to Work Out with a Partner


Finding the motivation to work out is something we all struggle with. We get good at telling ourselves we don’t have to go to the gym today, can dip out of our ab workout early, or can cut our run short. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a little voice in our heads telling us to push through and to keep going? Well, with a workout partner by your side, that’s 100% possible!

 Here are five reasons to work out with a partner:

1. A workout partner will hold you accountable.

When it’s 8:00 am and you tell yourself you’ll get to the gym after work, a lot can change during the day. There’s too much time in between to change your mind or to convince yourself you have other, more important things to do. Thankfully, a partner can hold you accountable to your fitness goals and get you to the gym.

There will be days that you don’t want to workout, but when you’re finished, you’ll be thanking your partner for making it happen. No one ever regrets a workout. Now, you’re going to want to return the favor when your buddy isn’t feeling cardio. It’s your responsibility to keep each other motivated!

2. Workout classes are better with a partner.

It can be hard to walk into a class not knowing anyone, and being unsure of how to mimic the fancy push-up or lunge your instructor is doing can be intimidating. You may find yourself frantically looking at other class members for guidance, but they appear to be as professional as the instructor!

With your workout partner, you can enter a class more confidently. You can make sure you’re both perfecting every move to get the most out of your workout and laugh together when you realize there’s no way your body is ready for a complex yoga position.

3. A workout partner makes exercising fun.


One of the best reasons to work out with a partner? It makes your workout more fun! A little chit chat on the treadmill will make the time fly and take your mind off how much you’re sweating and how sore you are. During those minute-long planks or wall sits, you can talk about Friday night plans or what you’re making for dinner that night—instead of counting down the seconds until you can give your muscles a rest. You don’t have to sweat alone!

4. You can share and reach goals with your workout partner.

If you have an end goal in mind—like losing X amount of weight, fitting into “that” pair of jeans, or simply trying to live a healthier lifestyle—share this goal with your partner! If you lose sight of your goals along the way, your partner can get you back on track and help you stick to working out. Isn’t that one of the main reasons to work out with a buddy in the first place? You’re able to remind each other why you started and what you’re working towards.

5. Having a partner means safer workouts.


One of the most important reasons to work out with a partner is to ensure a safe workout. You work out to take care of your body, right? Well, when something becomes routine in your mind, attention to detail can drift away. When you’re lifting with incorrect form or lunging with your knees past your toes, your joints are screaming for help. Developing habits like this can be harmful overtime. Having a partner to spot you or look at your form from a different angle can prevent you from making bad habits.

No matter what your methods are for a better fit life, it will all be worth it when you feel better—mentally and physically—every day. Don’t be afraid to invite someone else on this journey with you. If you don’t have a workout buddy right now, don’t fret! Joining a fitness class can give you a dozen workout buddies, where you can all motivate each other towards healthier lifestyles!

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