Fitness Friends: How Workout Buddies Keep You Healthy

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It’s hard to stay motivated to exercise, especially when you’re busy, tired, and just want to relax after a long day. That’s why it’s important to have a workout buddy to aid you on your fitness journey! Maybe you want to try a new class offered at your gym, but you’re a little shy. Maybe you have a specific weight loss or muscle gaining goal. Or maybe you just want to be more active, but think working out alone is boring. No matter what your situation, exercising with a friend has tons of benefits to get you working in the gym.


Exercising with someone can provide friendly competition, encouragement, and safety. Having a reliable workout partner increases the likelihood that you’ll stick with your workout routine or program. When working out alone, it can be hard to push yourself through those tough workouts  with no one around to keep you accountable. Additionally, weight-lifting without a spotter can be dangerous.


When you make the commitment to exercise with another person, you are much more likely to follow through with your workout than if you were going at it alone. Scheduling it ahead of time makes it a priority, and knowing that cancelling on your friend will mean inconveniencing them holds you accountable. After a few weeks, working out with your friend will be part of your routine and won’t seem like a chore to complete, but rather a fun event to look forward to.

Building Relationships.

Working out with another person provides emotional benefits as well. Sweating it out together allows you to connect with your workout partner. Not only do you push each other through a challenging workout, but you have a chance to connect and help each other overcome challenges in your personal lives as well. Making those tough gym sessions more fun and spending time together can allow you to grow closer to your workout buddies!

The Fun Factor!friends2

The gym isn’t always the most exciting place to hangout. With a partner, you can spice up your routine and explore more exercise options! Instead of typical workouts like running on the treadmill, you can play some one-on-one basketball or attend a group fitness class. Did that new water exercise class catch your eye? Ask your partner to join you! Not only will switching up your workout keep your mind from becoming bored, but also keep your body from becoming bored as well. Your body adapts and becomes efficient at exercises you’ve repeated over and over again, so the more you change things up, the better your body will feel and respond.

Results Driven.

Your workout partner doesn’t have to be your best friend – maybe you just want to get to know a coworker or another mom from your neighborhood. It doesn’t matter who it is, but by working out with another person you like and don’t want to disappoint, you psychologically feel as if you have a responsibility toward that person to  show up. Because of that feeling, you’ll see results and have more success when reaching your goal, whether that’s to get in shape, shed a few pounds, build muscle, or simply relieve stress.

If you’re tired of hitting the gym by yourself and need some excitement in your workout routine, call up a friend, co-worker, acquaintance, neighbor or family member  who will support you and push you to reach your goals! Your mind and body will benefit from some companionship in the gym.

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