Establishing a Workout Routine (and Keeping It)

Make Working Out Part of Your Routine

Working out is hard–we’re not refuting this. But establishing a workout routine makes exercising regularly not only easier, but also more fun! Here are some things to consider before making your workout plan and some tips to make fulfilling your workout plan easier.

1. Schedule it.

This is an important step. Adding exercise to your schedule makes it a lot easier to get up and do it. If working out regularly is not something you already do, finding time won’t always be easy. Instead, you have to make the time. Set aside a half hour or an hour in your schedule that is devoted solely to your workout.

2. Make long- and short-term goals.

Sitting down and figuring out where you are now and where you want to be is a good way to build motivation and help you get to the gym. It’s important when you’re making goals to be realistic but still ambitious. Push yourself, but know your limits so you don’t get burnt out.

3. Consider getting new workout clothes!

Your workout outfit makes a difference to your attitude. If you’re running in old sweatpants and a tattered t-shirt, you won’t feel as good about working out as you would if you were wearing a new pair of shoes and a nice, breathable workout shirt. This isn’t feasible for everyone, though, so just wear workout clothes that will make you feel good and look good!

4. Mix up your workouts.

To workout regularly and to want to work out regularly, you cannot be bored with what you’re doing. When you’re planning your workouts, plan different things throughout the week. Maybe go swimming one day, run on the treadmill another, burn some calories on the elliptical on the next, try a group fitness class, and lift weights on the days in between! The possibilities are endless. Don’t let working out feel monotonous.

5. Make yourself accountable.

There is always going to be a reason why you “can’t” go to the gym today. Make yourself accountable so this doesn’t happen! The easiest way is to talk to friends and family. Let them know your goals and ask them to check up on you. You could even bring them along to be your workout buddies. If you have someone waking up early with you, it’ll be a lot harder to ignore that snooze button.

6. Realize it’s a process of trial and error.

Starting a new workout routine isn’t going to be easy. It’s going to feel hard, and some days, you’ll want to give up. That’s okay! It will happen to all of us. Don’t let those days get you down. Instead, learn from them. Think about what’s making you not want to go to the gym that day . . . and then fix it! Think about why you want to go to the gym: to be healthier and happier. Remember, not everything you try is going to work for you. Don’t compare yourself to those around you. Don’t get down on yourself if you don’t meet your goals. Just make a new goal and move forward.

Make Working Out Part of Your Routine

Making a new workout routine can be invigorating and exciting. The key is to do things that work for you, not anyone else. Don’t worry about how fast the man on the treadmill next to you is going or how much weight that girl is lifting. Your health is yours. Now, go enjoy your workout!

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