Class Highlight: CX Worx

CX Worx | Lafayette, IN Gyms | Lafayette Family YMCAGroup fitness classes are a great way to get motivated and exercise regularly. CX Worx is one of the group fitness classes offered here at the Lafayette Family YMCA and is a great option for those needing a good workout in a small amount of time.

What is CX Worx?

CX Worx is a Les Mills fitness class that focuses on strengthening your torso and core muscles, aka your tummy and your butt. Using weights and resistance bands, you will do strength exercises that will help tighten all of the muscles of your core—abdominals, back muscles, and the muscles around your pelvis. It also improves your functional strength and assists in injury prevention.

One of the great things about CX Worx is that it’s an exercise routine that is accessible to all ages and fitness levels. There are many options for each exercise to help you perform at your best and still strengthen your body. Your instructor will help you find the perfect level to reach your goals.

This class is also only 30 minutes, which allows you enough time to really push your body without overexerting yourself. With fast-paced and popular songs as the soundtrack to your workout, the 30 minutes will fly by and you will leave feeling fitter and more invigorated.

How to Succeed at CX Worx

  • Bring a friend! This will keep you motivated to go and make it less intimidating when you walk in with someone at your side.
  • Don’t strength train after you do CX Worx. You can do cardio if you would like, but you have already fatigued your core and don’t want to strain your muscles.
  • Come a few minutes early if it’s your first time. Talk to the instructor before class starts to see what equipment you need and how to best succeed.
  • There are different options for each activity for every fitness level. If it’s your first time, figure out what works for you without overdoing it. Pick up a lighter weight or lighter resistance band, for instance, and work up from there.
  • We will provide the equipment you need, so you don’t need to worry about that! But you should bring comfortable workout clothes, supportive shoes, a water bottle, and a sweat towel to help you perform at your best.
  • See your doctor first and get clearance for this type of exercise, especially if you have a pre-existing condition that may affect your performance.

CX Worx Class Schedule

CX Worx is a drop-in class, meaning no pre-registration is needed. Teens 15+ may attend unaccompanied by a parent. Your Lafayette Family YMCA offers CX Worx at the following times:

18th Street Location

      • Monday 6:30 A.M. – Instructor: Rayelle
      • Monday 6:30 P.M. – Instructor: Beth

Downtown Location

      • Tuesday/Thursday 12:10 P.M. – Instructor: Kim
      • Saturday 9:30 A.M. – Instructor: Rayelle

Come and try CX Worx!

We welcome anyone who wants to try CX Worx! With its short class time and adjustability for any fitness level, this class is perfect for anyone who wants to strengthen their body and get in better shape.

Come in and leave 30 minutes later, feeling the accomplishment of a good, hard workout. Come in or call us to learn more about this great class or one of our other group fitness classes.

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