Choosing the Right Group Fitness Classes For You

It’s no secret that group fitness classes are great tools to add to your exercise routine. Not only do they give you access to experienced instructors who can help you improve your workout, but they also keep boredom at bay and provide a social experience for meeting new people.

But if you’ve never taken a group fitness class before, how do you know where to start?

Beginning a group fitness program can be daunting at first, but this blog will walk you through the steps of deciding which classes are best for your individual needs and give you the motivation to start today!

Group Fitness Classes

How to Get Started

When beginning a new group fitness class, first you need to think about…

  • What you want to improve- Before jumping into a group fitness class, take some time to be introspective and think about what you want to gain from your workout routine. Each class is different and designed to target a specific area of the body, so make sure you do your research first.
  • Your skill level- It can be very discouraging if you start with a class that is above your skill level, or boring if you choose a class that is too easy and doesn’t challenge you. Take some time to assess how experienced you are and choose a class depending on your confidence in your exercise abilities. Remember, you want to choose a class that challenges you but won’t make you over exert yourself.
  • Your availability- If you’re going to be a frequent attendee at group fitness classes, you need to pick something that fits neatly into your schedule. Take a look at how busy you are during the week, and determine what days and times work best for you. Once you’ve determined your workout schedule, add it to your calendar so it becomes a routine.
  • Combining classes to get better results- Focusing on one area of the body is a great beginning step, but it’s also important to package several fitness plans together to get a full body workout. For example, if you want to focus mostly on strength training make sure to attend a few flexibility classes as well to help improve your range of motion.

YMCA Class Highlights

Are you ready to get started? The Y has 15 different class options for you to take at a variety of times. Here are a few specific ones that will help you improve your fitness in a variety of areas.

Cardio Class: RPM

This class combines cycling, choreography, and motivational coaching techniques to give you a full-body aerobic workout. It imitates actual terrain experience, such as hills and mountains, to get your heart pumping and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Flexibility: Yoga

Yoga aims to help you improve your posture and range of motion with a variety of poses, twists, inversions and forward/back bends.

Strength Training: Body Pump

Body Pump focuses on strengthening all major muscle groups by combining different lifts with tempo music to keep your energy up. We guarantee you’ll feel the burn when you’re done.

Low impact: BodyVive

This class allows you to get in shape at your own pace and remain injury free with the use of VIVE balls, tubes and optional hand weights.

Seniors: Silver Sneakers

This class is designed for older adults to help improve daily activity, muscular strength and range of movement. Participants use equipment such as hand weights, elastic tubing and exercise balls.

Dance: Zumba

Experience the combination of Latin, Hip Hop and International music that help create an exciting and uplifting exercise environment. Dance steps are easy to follow, and no previous experience is required to attend!

Calorie Burner: Insanity

Get ready to work, because this class will have you burning up to 1,000 calories with plyometric drills, intervals, resistance and core training movements.

Beginner: Hi/Lo

If you’re not sure where to begin, Hi/Lo takes you through a variety of exercises and is always evolving. Get your feet wet with some stretching exercises, choreographed aerobics, kickboxing, free-weights and resistance bands to experience a full-body workout.

In a hurry: CX Worx

All you need is 30 minutes for this class! CX Worx focuses on the torso while also increasing strength and assisting with injury prevention.

All these classes are FREE to our members, and we welcome new attendees every day. You can find the group fitness schedules for our downtown and 18th Street location by visiting our website or calling either location. So grab a friend or two, and start your group fitness plan today!


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