When Is the Best Time to Exercise?

When is the best time to exercise? A quick Google search will give you a hundred different answers, but in reality, morning, afternoon, and evening workouts each have their own benefits. You just have to decide what works best for you!

Morning Workouts

Lafayette Family YMCA | Best Time of the Day to Exercise

We’ve all heard that the first thing on our daily schedule should be a workout. Why?

1. Morning workouts can help you exercise consistently.

If you have trouble getting to the gym on a consistent basis, morning workouts may be your new best friend. Research shows that those who work out in the morning tend to be more consistent and are more likely to make exercise a habit. This makes sense considering exercising might be the last thing you want to do after a long day at work.

2. Morning workouts can boost your energy.

Exercise releases endorphins and mood elevating chemicals that boost your spirits and energy. With a long day of work ahead, a morning workout can energize you and help keep your mind sharp all day.

3. Morning workouts can help you sleep better.

Surprisingly, studies show that waking up early to exercise actually improves your sleep. By the time evening rolls around, your body will feel a healthy level of fatigue that helps you sleep. If you’re always tossing and turning, a morning workout may help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Afternoon Workouts

Lafayette Family YMCA | Best Time of the Day to Exercise

If a waking up early to exercise sounds awful to you, you may be an afternoon workout person. Afternoon workouts have some great benefits for those who can get away during their lunch hour.

1. Afternoon workouts help clear your head.

We all know the 2:00 slump can hit and make work drag on, but an afternoon workout can help lift your mood. Working out in the afternoon releases endorphins and is a nice break in the day to clear your head, de-stress, and refocus.

2. Afternoon workouts are effective.

While morning workouts help with consistency, you may get more out of an afternoon workout. Studies have shown that afternoon workouts tend to be harder, longer, and more effective since your body and mind are awake and alert.

3. Afternoon workouts help you make mindful choices.

By working out in the afternoon, we tend to make mindful eating choices later in the day. Who wants to waste a great workout on that piece of cake at dinner? No one.

Evening Workouts

Lafayette Family YMCA | Best Time of the Day to Exercise

Many of us don’t have time in the morning or afternoon to squeeze in a workout. If evenings work best for you, there are several benefits for night owls.

1. Evening workouts help you de-stress.

After a long day of work, working out can help you de-stress and let off steam. Evening workouts help let go of built-up frustration from a long day at work or a traffic jam in a healthy way.

2. The gym is less crowded in the evening.

Bumping into people or waiting for a treadmill to free up can make the idea of exercising a daunting one. If a quiet, open gym sounds appealing to you, try an evening workout. Gyms tend to be less crowded in the evening, which makes working out more enjoyable for some people.

3.You can workout harder in the evening.

If you’re looking for a great weight session or long run, it might be beneficial to work out in the evening. Your body is more alert and awake, making it easier to work out harder and longer than it would be at 6:00 am.

Bottomline: It’s Always the Best Time to Exercise

Lafayette Family YMCA | Best Time of the Day to Exercise

We all have different schedules, lifestyles, and commitments, which makes it hard to say that one time of the day is the best time to exercise. It’s not actually about when you work out but rather if you work out. Whether you hit the gym, pavement, or pool in the morning, afternoon, or evening, the bottomline is that anytime of the day is the best time to exercise.


Lafayette Family YMCA | Best Time of the Day to Exercise