The Benefits of Working with Personal Trainers


Motivating yourself to work out might seem difficult, but there is an option for those who need help! Many people have learned about the benefits of working with personal trainers. Personal trainers are individuals who mentor individuals or small groups to help them reach their fitness and nutrition goals. A personal trainer’s mission is simple: to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals. A personal trainer can help people who:

Don’t Know How to Exercise

The biggest problem people have with staying healthy is simply not knowing how to do so. Do you know how to count calories? Do you know how to do a proper bicep curl? Things like that may seem obvious to some, but it certainly isn’t obvious to everyone. One of the biggest benefits of working with personal trainers is having their knowledge at your disposal. Personal trainers at the Y are required to be certified personal trainers, meaning they went to school for it. A personal trainer can help teach you how to exercise and eat properly. These lessons are extremely valuable and you can hang on to that knowledge for the rest of your life!

Have Trouble Keeping Trackbenefits-of-personal-trainers

Have you ever been working out and lost count how many repetitions you did? Or, have you even lost track of how many times you’ve been to the gym in a particular week? Simply losing track of where you are can derail a fitness plan pretty quickly. Sure, there are smartphone apps for tracking that type of thing, but they are just as easy to forget to update. A personal trainer is right there for your workout so you’ll never lose count of reps and you’ll never forget a training session.

Need Help Defining Expectations

If you haven’t spent much time exercising in your life, it might be confusing to know which expectations are realistic and which ones aren’t. One of the benefits of working with personal trainers is they can help you set realistic goals that you can easily stick to. Diet and exercise are literally a science that trainers have studied. If you have a goal in mind, a trainer will tell you what you need to do to reach it. If you follow their instructions, you will reach your goal!

Need Someone to Listen

Many people don’t think about their trainers as being someone they can talk to, but they actually are a great ear for venting. Though they certainly aren’t therapists, they chose this career because they like to work with people. If you need someone to talk to about your goals and struggles with your fitness and nutrition, a vast majority of trainers will happily listen. Remember, trainers are there to help you reach your goals.

Have Specific Needsbenefits-of-personal-trainers

Many people think they can’t hire a personal trainer because of their physical limitations. Even those who have limitations can realize the benefit of having a personal trainer. Personal trainers are there to help you and cater to your needs. There are a myriad of exercises that trainers can use to isolate different parts of the body, making it possible for ANYONE to exercise.

Working with a personal trainer might seem intimidating, especially for those who are private with their health. But, you must remember trainers aren’t at the gym to judge you; they’re there to help you! If you’re curious about working with a personal trainer, contact the Lafayette Family YMCA today!

Need help reaching your fitness goals? A personal trainer will educate you, motivate you, and push you to meet them! Contact the Lafayette Family YMCA today for a FREE consultation with a personal trainer.

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