Splash into Summer — Aquatic Exercise at the Y

Swim LessonsSplash into Summer — Aquatic Exercise at the Y

The sunshine and warm weather are finally here, and it’s time to take to the pool and celebrate. Swimming not only provides fun and entertainment for all ages, but it is a great physical exercise that can benefit the body in many ways.



Fitness benefits of aquatic exercise:

    • Prevents physical deterioration: When you choose to engage in aquatic exercises, your body naturally becomes lighter when it is submerged in water. This allows you to still accomplish a large amount of cardiovascular activity while placing less pressure on your joints. Swimming can also serve as an excellent workout if you are suffering from sore muscles or stiffness.
    • Can help chronic illness: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention lists aquatic exercise as a great resource for those with arthritis. Working out in the water can help heal affected muscles without worsening symptoms. The Y offers aquatic classes for those suffering from arthritis, so check the website or the front desk for more information about signing up for classes.
    • Improves mental health: Aquatic exercise has been proven to boost moods for both men and women, lower anxiety levels, and decrease depression when in warm water. There have also been many positive benefits discovered for pregnant women and children with disabilities.

But before diving head first into our facilities, it is important to understand several safety tips that go hand-in-hand with swimming. Whether you’re a beginner learning the dog-paddle or a rival of Michael Phelps, it’s important to be familiar with some general safety tips in order to have fun and stay safe when around water.

Water safety tips:

  • Familiarize yourself with water safety rules posted around the pool: When you first enter our facilities, take a minute to look around and take note of any caution signs or pool rules posted in the area. Being aware of these rules from the beginning can make your pool experience much more enjoyable.
    • Become CPR/First Aid certified: Understanding the basics of life-saving tactics can be extremely beneficial—regardless of if you are around water. The Y offers CPR and first aid classes that can help you feel more comfortable when responding to an emergency situation. Visit our website or front desk for more information.

Dive into Fun!

The Y offers many aquatic classes that not only provide cardiovascular and muscular exercises, but are fun as well. Find out which class is best for you:

  • AquaticsSwim Lessons: Parent-child, preschool, youth, and private lessons are all available.
  • Fountain of Youth:  Senior aquatics class focused on cardiovascular fitness and muscle toning.
  • Morning Water Workout:  A class for our members to develop muscle strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Aquaerobics: A mid-afternoon aerobics class open to all ages.
  • Aquarock: A water aerobics class synced to music that will pump you and keep you motivated during your workout.
  • Open Swim: Stop by with family and friends and enjoy our open swim hours which are offered daily. Check with the front desk for specific pool hours this summer.


Join an aquatic exercise class today. Our summer sessions begin on the following dates:


May 26-July 5

Member Sign Up: May 12

Non-Member Sign Up: May 15


July 7-August 23

Member Sign Up: June 23

Non-Member Sign Up: June 26