7 Ideas to Bring Family Time into Your Back-to-School Routine

family time | YMCA
At the YMCA, our goal is to help build strong, healthy families, and we know that family time is an important part of achieving that goal. Families need opportunities to be active together – especially now that school is back in session. That’s why our facilities are designed for the whole family, from infants to seniors. With programs for every age and events dedicated to bringing families together, the Y strives to help your family be the best it can be. Read on for fun ideas and activities to keep family time in your busy routine now that the kids are back in school.

1. Jump into open swim

Your local YMCA offers open swim [link to pool schedule] during morning, daytime, and evening hours throughout the week. Hop in the pool as a family to play classic games like HORSE or practice some strokes with your kids. Or, have your own “family swim lessons” – and let your kids teach you what they learned this summer in swimming lessons!

family time | YMCA2. Try out youth sports

The Y also offers year-round opportunities for kids aged 2-12 to join different team sports [link to youth sports] and group activities. Having you there to support them will mean the world to your kids – but if cheering them on isn’t enough for you, there are lots of opportunities for parents to become involved!

3. Join a fitness class

Check with your fitness instructor to see if you are able to bring your child in for a visit to your Zumba or kickboxing class. Let them stand near you and try to follow you or the instructor! Or, get a chance to play Teacher and show off what you’ve learned by giving your kids a fun demo fitness class at home. This is a great way to show kids that exercise doesn’t have to be boring.

4. Take a lifeguarding class

Lifeguarding isn’t just for teens. If you have older children, show them how important those skills are by signing up [link to lifeguard training] for a lifeguarding course alongside them.

5. Volunteer together

family time | YMCAVolunteering teaches a valuable lesson in giving back. Set a positive example by signing up for volunteer events as a family. Make it a regular weekend activity that your kids will look forward to each month!

6. Sign up for runs and walks

Encourage your children to work towards a long-term goal by signing up for a run/walk together. Train towards the end goal by going on family walks or jogs in the weeks leading up to the event.

7. Drop in for family fun nights

See our calendar for regularly scheduled family events and activities like games, movie nights, and more!

Keeping family time in your routine is an important part of keeping your family strong. Try out some of these activities the next time you visit the Y with your family. Be sure to check back on our page for opportunities to stay active together all year long!

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