4 Reasons You Should Play Team Sports as an Adult

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Running, cooking, photography, whatever your hobby may be, we’d like to encourage you to pick up another — team sports! You might be thinking to yourself, “Are sports really considered a hobby?” Hobbies are activities that you enjoy; therefore, we have no doubt that you can make team sports your next hobby!

Sports are great exercise!

Let’s start with the obvious one — exercise. Of all the many wonderful things sports provide, let this one be the bottom line that convinces you to give team sports a try. There aren’t many  people out there who couldn’t benefit from a little extra physical activity. Sports are a particularly effective way to burn calories since the activity doesn’t seem as monotonous as a normal cardio routine. In non-competitive volleyball, depending on your weight, you could burn over 200 calories in 30 minutes! Sure beats running on the treadmill, right?

Hold yourself accountable.

Another great aspect of playing team sports is that you are making a commitment. Committing to play on a team is a great way to practice your personal responsibility and hold yourself accountable for your promises. This may seem like a roundabout way of promoting team sports, but commitment is an undervalued trait in our book. You’ll also find that it’s easier to hold yourself accountable to your fitness goals. Getting yourself to the gym to play sports is a lot easier than getting yourself there to work out (at least for some) because your team depends on you!

Sports are great for socialization.

One of the best things about athletics is getting to play them with your friends. As a child, how many friends did you make while playing sports? It can still happen while playing as an adult. Whether it be a friend of a friend or even a player on another team, team activity is a great way to bond and make new friends. Team sports are also a great way for co-workers to bond outside of the office. Both businesses that are already a tight-knit community or those that are looking to get a little closer can benefit from joining a league or scheduling a pick-up game.

Team sports are fun!

We could talk all day about the the benefits of playing team sports, but here is our favorite reason: it’s FUN! Playing team sports can be a great release from your everyday life. You can let the stress of the day just fade away while you focus on having fun or kicking some butt.

Whether you’re playing to win or just having some fun, we definitely recommend adding a team sport to your list of hobbies!

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